Booster Seats Keeping Your Child Safe

Booster seats have generally replaced the need for high chairs, or propping children on books or pillows in a dining chair to reach the table.  Booster seats have two sets of straps, one which secures the seat into a regular dining chair and a separate set to hold your child securely in the seat.  Booster seats may or may not have trays. Trays usually have a molded space for the child’s cup and a separate area for food. Trays can be easily removed so that the child can push all the way up to the table.  Some families who have plenty of floor space may still opt for the high chair at home and use portable booster seats for travelling.

Booster seats are generally made of hard plastic and come in several different styles and colors. Seats are easily cleaned and usually portable, especially those that fold.  One style that provides maximum comfort for your child is the ergonomically designed seat which positions your child in a comfortable sitting posture.  The trays which come with most booster seats are dishwasher safe.  But even handier are the seats that come apart and can easily be washed in the dishwasher as well.

Booster seats that are designed specifically for dining styled chairs should not be used in the tub, on upholstered chairs, strollers or moving vehicles.  Specially designed seats, some also called booster seats, are available for use in most of the above locations.  As with any other device that holds a child above the floor, never leave your child unattended in a booster seat.
Car booster seats are intended for children over 85 pounds, the maximum weight for most regular car seats.  While some booster seats have their own harness systems and can be installed like regular car seats, many are designed to be used with the car’s restraint system, placing it around the child and seat together.

Whether you purchase a booster seat for the table or the car, there are a multitude of choices available in stores and online.  Online shopping provides the convenience of shopping 24 hours a day and home delivery.